Favorite photos and images of 2017

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I was very fortunate in 2017. I went on a cruise  of the western Caribbean, spent just over a week in southern California, and then a really great road trip to Montana.

To top  it all off we (my brave friend Deb and I) took a  two day road trip to southern Illinois to watch the Total Eclipse.   Above are some of my favorite photos and images of the year.

Photographing Glacier National Park was most challenging. My friend Julie was an excellent driver, and very patient with me. I could have stopped Everywhere! With so much to see and limited hours of daylight, I had to compromise. The biggest challenge was the intense, glaring sunshine during the middle of the day. We experienced record heat during our stay in Montana. Nearly everyday was over 100 degrees. It was great up in the park! We enjoyed a 20 degree break in temperatures. During the middle of the day, I used whatever I could to shade myself. Trees, rocks, and trail signs even provide some good cover.


Filters saved my photos from becoming too harsh and washed out. I used my polarizer along with a split-screen neutral density filter for all landscape shots that included the sky.  The filter, also referred to as a graduated neutral density filter .6 , was on my camera for the photo with the caption: Glacier Nat’l Park.  Under it, the Weeping Wall photo was taken without the graduated ND filter.

Glacier Natl Park


Weeping Wall     

2017 was a year full of Big photo opportunities. I’m looking ahead to this new year, and I hope it brings new travels and more time for all of us to go out and create through what we see,  Thanks for reading. If  you want to comment, or follow my posts, just fill in your info on the  ‘contact me’  page.

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Happy New Year

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