Working with composition at Gibbs Lake

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When I started this project a few months ago, I wasn’t sure what form it would take. I took up a study of photography blogs to see just what was available. I found a few that I now subscribe to, a few that were mostly gear oriented, a couple that offered good lessons on different photographic subjects of interest, along with sales of e-books and or travel workshops. Going through my mind I considered what I might offer. For now I will let my photographic journal be just that. I’ll share what I’m working on, where I travel, work that I feel is successful, and the stuff that just isn’t. Welcome to Viewfinderproject!


The photos below were taken yesterday at Gibbs Lake County Park outside of Evansville, WI. The water was frozen enough for ice fisherman.  Temperatures were above 40 degrees, so a comfortable day to be outside.  I shot this sunset photo with my Rokinon 20mm f1.8 wide-angle lens. Adding a polarizer helped bring more color to the sky. The composition works for me here. The texture and pattern of the frozen lake guide the viewer through the frame, to the setting sun. To soften the background I set depth of field to f9 and mounted my camera to the tripod. I recommend using a remote shutter release.  You will be much happier with your images.  Earlier in the afternoon I shot the photo on the left. I wanted to bring more attention to the foreground. By altering my depth of field, I softened the distant trees at the lakeshore.  Comments anyone?

ISO 250 1/250s f10                                        ISO 250 1/125s f9

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