Hand Coloring Photos

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 Hand coloring photographs is one of my favorite activities. I’ve found using a smooth matte paper to work best. Textured papers get in the way for obvious reasons…they are bumpy. The “emulsion”, to use an old school term, is easily scratched off with your pencil point. I’ve used pastel, and watercolor pencils with equal success. With this example, I use Hahnemule fine art bamboo inkjet  paper. If anyone out there remembers Marshall Oils, then we have a common bond.  I used the oils extensively in the 1980’s when I worked with film, and spent all that time in the “dark”.  I haven’t done the math on number of hours spent in the dark room. It was like working in a cave. I remember taking my shoes off in the summer. The concrete floor was cool.

I think I’d like to try experimenting more with watercolor washes over the black and white base print.