Solar Eclipse 2017

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 This is the first time I have tried to photograph a solar eclipse. My friend Deb and I traveled to Sparta, IL to view this spectacular event. I will say that even though my photos were less than what I hoped for, it was a learning experience, and I’m planning for the next adventure in 2024. Problem number one: It’s super difficult to focus.     With safety concerns being Obvious, I had to work with a towel over my head to see my subject through Live View. I use a Nikon D810, which I recently invested in, and am thrilled with so far. I set my focus ring to infinity, and hoped for the best. So, I’m left with photos that are soft and out of focus.

Since I like to work with the image overlay function on my D810 I decided to try and have some fun with these, and turn my disappointment into the “silver lining” of Total Solar Eclipse 2017.